So beautiful: Elan 410 Performance


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Do not make do with the usual bath-tub when you can experience the thrill of a true sailing boat on board of an Elan 410 Performance for your holidays in Sicily.

So Beautiful is the true sporty among the family! When others are forced to use their engines, you’ll swish by, sailing silently and speedily, enough to make some jealous. The Elan 410 is a light, well powered boat which is able to offer some thrilling sailing while remaining safe.
Its teak deck provides it with an elegant appearance, the high technology sails make it sparkle in the sun, its regatta equipment reveals its sporty character,  its large wheel helm makes it the top of the top!  Its design immediately reveals that it’s a thoroughbred! Being at the helm of “So beautiful” is a treat that you can enjoy exclusively with “Il mare a Vela”
Under deck, So Beautiful is just as comfy and smart, featuring a wide dinette, a practical and ergonomic galley and three double cabins with two bathrooms. In the bow is the Master’s cabin with private bathroom. Have a look below deck, you might find it interesting!
If you like sailing, “So Beautiful” guarantees you a thrill that we know will exceed your expectations: that’s a promise!
So Beautiful is the real sporty of the family! Try it out for yourself and you’ll see!

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