Sailing to Pelagie Islands


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Linosa is a volcanic island with bright and dark colours. Lampedusa is little more than a shiny rock in the middle of a crystal clear sea. These are two islands lost in the middle of the Channel of Sicily,  and closer to Africa than Sicily. They are unknown to mass tourism and still spared from the assault of boats and Sunday morning “day trippers”. They are natural paradises shed by a sea not always easy to tackle and protected by a coast line that has no proper harbours. You need to be real fans of the sea, sailing and adventure to sail with us and discover a spot of sea and land of no easy access. We’ll undertake a rather demanding two-week navigation from Trapani to Pantelleria before sailing off southwards to Linosa and Lampedusa, but all efforts shall be paid off by the sheer beauty of the islands. You’ll soon learn how the hard part is to say farewell to these paradises and return on terra firma!

Linosa and Lampedusa are a destination for real sailing fans only.

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Antonio Skipper