Nella: Elan 450 Performance


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Nella has a sporting character: with only a breath of air it sails fast and effortlessly, with a breeze it soars and with a strong wind… it flies! Its features are reminiscent of an Open 60 yacht racing around the world with one of the two rudders constantly out of the water, its carbon bowsprit slicing through the waves and powerful mainsail demanding only to be hauled and never slackened. Close hauled it sails exceptionally well into the wind and when reaching it responds to the slightest gust to glide effortlessly between the waves.

Its deck in teak gives it an elegant look, its equipment betrays its sporting character and its lines are those of a thoroughbred! The cockpit is large, almost embarrassing large! It’s hugely comfortable while sailing and fantastic to spend a night on under the stars. The stern broad, meaning the cockpit is a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea and a great place to enjoy your meals and dance barefoot!

Below deck, Nella is equally comfortable and inviting with a large dinette, three double cabins and two bathrooms. The bow includes the Master’s cabin with a surprising degree of comfort and luxury which is difficult to imagine for anyone used to thinking of a sailing trip as a rather basic holiday. So for those of you who love sailing, excitment is guaranteed while on Nella, without giving up the comforts of a real holiday.

Come aboard and see for yourselves!

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