Sailing to Pantelleria Island


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Pantelleria,  known as the ‘black pearl’ of the Mediterranean, is a volcanic island full of extraordinary attractions and landscapes. Navigating through the Channel of Sicily is always fascinating, with plenty of wind and fishing, a great sea-experience which concludes at the quiet and romantic small port of Scauri. We can then rent scooters to discover the interior of the island, whose landscapes you’ll forever cherish in your memories. We’ll look out for the celebrated capers and the tasty ‘passito’ liquor (you might want to take some back home with you), visiting many of the very well preserved historic local villages on our way. You’ll see wonderful gardens and the splendid ‘dammusi’ on a stroll around the island to explore more of its striking natural landscape. The breathtaking Lake of Venus is a turquoise expanse of thermal and spa-like water with natural saunas scattered around the mountain. Before we tackle the thrilling experience of a night time sail that will take us back to the Egadi Islands, we sail around the island to enjoy the Balata dei Turchi, the massive cliffs overlooking the sea with wonderful views and secret spots that can only be reached by sea.

For those who love sailing the high seas, explore new destinations and shout: Land Ho!


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Antonio Skipper