What people say about us – Feedback

What people say about us – Feedback

‘What people say about us’ is an open space where you can leave feedback on your ‘Il Mare a Vela’ holiday.  We are confident of always offering the best experience and we always make sure your holiday takes place in the best possible way. That’s why we are ready to put ourselves on the line, allowing a space for any of our guests to leave a comment. We appreciate that from feedback you can always learn something, and find ways to improve even more. We would like you to take a few minutes of your time to comment on your sailing holiday, describe the beauty of the places you’ve visited and the experience on board, and to talk about us.
Would you like to travel with us but like to know a little more about our company? Are you ready to sail but you’re not sure if what we offer is exactly what you’re looking for? Would you like to know something more about the skippers? Or maybe you are just looking for some ideas to decide where to book your sailing holidays? ‘What people say about us’ is the section where you can find all the information you’re looking for.


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